Taking Your Agency’s Electronic Signing Platform Beyond the Dotted

TrueSign: The Trusted eSigning Choice for State and Local Government

Society’s rapid shift toward contactless, remote operations has left many government agencies at a crossroad: how to collect signatures from both staff and constituents from a far in a manner that is compliant and customer-focused?

Most electronic signature software is legacy-built and does not account for today’s data security challenges, or meet the higher expectation that government services will meet the public where they are. Electronic signing is no longer a single, siloed task – it’s an integrated part of your business process.

Take a “True” Test Drive

Firm believers in “try before you buy,” we encourage you to test drive TrueSign before making a commitment. Our no-hassle free trial allows you to use TrueSign, completely free, in your own operations. And because TrueSign is so easy to launch, we’ll have you set up in no time.

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Meet TrueSign

The blueprint for TrueSign was to take electronic signatures “beyond the dotted line,” so that it serves as a built-in component of your evolving operations – a well-rounded business application that is integrative, effortless, cost-efficient and checks all the compliance boxes.

Designed from the dynamic needs of notaries, clerks, government offices and the general public, let’s explore some of TrueSign’s most innovative, expanded elements that differentiate it as more than just “eSignature software.”

Real-Time Video Call Signing

With most meetings now managed on various video call platforms, attendees need a stable, go-to means to real-time sign documents of discussion. QR codes are standard with every TrueSign-ed document so that, using their smartphone, users simply scan the code and use their finger to apply their typical signature – not a clunky, mouse-clicked variation. Once finished, their signature shows up on the shared screen, right where it should be. Not only is this more efficient, but it validates the signature’s integrity because you actually see the party signing.

Straight-Forward Pricing Model

Packaged within a straight-forward pricing model means you won’t be nickel-and-dimed for every user or license – with TrueSign, you pay one, flat rate. After all, the goal is to be more efficient and save your resources (like time and money) – not drain them. Our no-hassle, free trial allows you to test drive TrueSign for your needs without paying a dime. Chat with us to get started.

Did You Know?

Turning your smartphone into a signature pad with real-time, QR-Code signing is an innovative option that is unique to TrueSign. QR-code signing transcends the variety of video call platforms available and allows you to real-time sign documents during any virtual meeting.

Versatile Use

TrueSign accounts for all your signing needs, both internal and external. It’s just as easy for constituents, partnering agencies, vendors and parties external to TrueSign to exchange and apply their electronic signature as it is for internal staff or other TrueSign-registered signers. Your TrueSign bundle can easily be extended for HR to use in onboarding and collecting internal signatures in addition to your public-facing signature requests.

Securely Cloud Hosted

Hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, TrueSign safeguards data integrity while enabling constituents and staff to securely exchange and sign documents from remote internet locations, their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Cloud hosting also provides extra peace of mind while in collaboration with external parties and proxy signers.

Code-Light and Seamlessly Integrative

IT personnel love TrueSign’s quick and simple integrations, made possible by our low-code, “signature” API integration. Doing so makes it easy to couple TrueSign with existing processes and applications for truly, end-to-end digital service. Microsoft SharePoint and OnBase by Hyland are two of TrueSign’s most compatible, third-party systems. Check out our OnBase for TrueSign webpage to learn more.