IT’s Roadmap to TrueSign’s Technical Blueprints

As much as staff and customers enjoy using TrueSign, IT experts love it more. It’s incredibly simple, low-code blueprint means easy implementation and integrations while Microsoft Azure hosting provides fortress-level security.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, TrueSign documents and interactions are safe from data breaches and malware, and innately backed by its accessible-from-anywhere environment.

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Compliance and Visibility

Interactions, such as viewing histories, time stamps, document edits, etc., are traced and easily available for auditors to see your process is up to code. It also holds the team accountable to secure, best practices.

Easy Set-Up & Seamless Integrations

As a stand-alone solution, TrueSign is easily prepared and ready to go within one business day. Its code-light integrations and REST API architecture also make TrueSign ideal for complimenting existing business applications, such as OnBase, third party HRIS, CRM Line of Business, Enterprise Content or Document Management system.

Safeguarded Authentication Practices

A variety of secure log-in options are available, including seamless integrations with Microsoft or Google accounts and the ability to log-in with registered emails and a password. Validating user identity is also made easy by securing document access with user-specific codes, such as the last four digits of their social security number, a birthday, etc.