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Imagine: you open the mail only to find another healthcare authorization form needing your sign-off. There must be a better way than wet-inking your signature and snail-mailing this back to the originating requestor. Not only is this process inconvenient, but the risk of your paperwork getting lost or ending up in the wrong hands is a real possibility.

With “Scan iQ” functionality, however, the middle-man work is cut – users simply scan, import or capture from email documents directly into Scan iQ where they’re ready to be securely sent and/or signed.


      • Complete document histories and full audit trails trace all document interactions
      • Eliminates risk of losing documents while safeguarding information integrity
      • Expands paperless workflow thanks to seamless integration between technologies
Screenshot showing Document Template library.
Screenshot showing Document Template library.

Ready-to-Use Signing Documents

With TrueSign Templates, staff prepares each type of form only once. After that, it’s automatically saved and housed in a convenient drop-down library to pull from, modify if need be, and securely send to eSigning parties.


      • Build a library of pre-templated documents, including those created within your organization and those received from other parties
      • “Favorite” your most frequently used documents for fast retrieval
      • Currently supports Word, Tiff and PDF file types
      • Send-to-sign in as little as two clicks

Smartphone Signing Options

Real-time eSigning is always available through the various mobile signing options below. In each case, TrueSign works with your smartphone to populate a signing pad. Users eSign with their finger or a stylus before the submitted signature appears in place, on screen.


      • QR-Code signing: populate a smartphone signing pad by scanning the document’s unique QR code
      • Text-to-sign: TrueSign texts the signer a link, which will populate the signing pad
      • Email-to-sign: TrueSign emails the user a link, which users can open from their smartphones and click to populate the signing pad.
      • TrueSign is the only real-time, smartphone signing platform available
Multiple Devices

Compliance & Security

The increasingly remote workforce requires compliance and overall security measures protect both organizations and customers from fraud, data breaches, malware, etc., and that organizations can prove these protective measures to auditors.


      • TrueSign is hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud
      • Supports secure log-in integrations with Microsoft or Google providers
      • Users can require signers to validate identity by setting a personal code, such as the signer’s birthday, last four digits of social security number, etc.

Watch It All Come Together

Easy Start

Designed to have you up-and-running within minutes, TrueSign is extremely easy to start using. Experience the simplicity for yourself by signing up for your free trial.

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