ImageSoft is excited to announce a new TrueSign release is coming on Saturday, November 14. Please be advised that the system will be down between 10 AM and 12 PM EST on November 14.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for. However, if you desire to use some of the features mentioned below, please lookout for an email in the future from us.

New Features

Email delivery tracking

TrueSign can now identify if email notifications are accepted by the recipients mail server. The envelope history will contain all the email delivery tracking messages.

Custom message to signer

A custom message can be added for each signer when sending a new envelope. This feature is available via the TrueSign API and the TrueSign Designer. When you are using the TrueSign Designer and sending the envelope to be signed, a popup will ask you if you want to add a custom message for each signer of the envelope. If you do not add a custom message, the signer will get the standard email we have been delivering so far. Check the API section on this page to undersatand how this will work from the API. 

Bulk user import

This release allows you to invite multiple internal users to your TrueSign account. You will be able to download a CSV template from TrueSign and provide all the required information needed for the users you are inviting (first and last name, email address). Then you will upload this CSV file to TrueSign and the app will do its checks to ensure that there are no duplicated users and that all the information provided is correct (valid email, no empty columns). A summary will be shown to the user before they decide to complete the import.

New anchor type: textbox

A new anchor type was added to the TrueSign Designer: textbox. This anchor works the same way as the current anchors, but when the user clicks a textbox anchor type in the TrueSign Viewer, they will be asked to input text on the predefined location. 

PDF form filling

You can now add PDF files that have form fields in a TrueSign envelope and TrueSign will deliver all the user input on the completed envelope. Form fields will be highlighted in the TrueSign Designer and Viewer for ease of finding.

Note: You should not place anchors over form fields as the signer might not be able to get to a form field that an anchor is covering.

TrueSign status page

TrueSign now has a status page where outages and maintenance will be reported to. You should always check anytime you think that there might be an issue going on at the application level. You can also subscribe for outage and incident updates from here: 


General back-end improvements

Some important third-party toolkits were updated to their latest versions to resolve some bugs experienced in TrueSign.

    Email template updates

    Most of the email templates used in TrueSign have been updated. Support language and “do not reply to this email” was added to the new envelope emails. Adjustments were made to invite notifications to address issues when viewing in Outlook.

    Filterable user list in Designer

    The internal signer list in the TrueSign Designer was made filterable for the users to easly find a particular signer. 

    API Updates

    Custom signer message

    A custom message can be included for each signer by populating the Message attribute with a string. A maximum of 250 characters is accepted. The string can be plain text or HTML.

      "First_Name": "string",
      "Last_Name": "string",
      "Email": "",
      "Message": "string",
      "Code": {
        "Description": "string",
        "Value": "string"
      "Anchors": []

    Have questions about this release?

    If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: