ImageSoft is publishing a new TrueSign release on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Please be advised that the system will be temporarily unavailable from 10:00 PM – 10:15 PM EST on May 26, 2022.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for.

New Features

Auto open next available envelope

A new option is available in My Profile called “Auto open next available envelope”. When this option is enabled, then the next available envelope will automatically be opened when the current envelope is completed.

Document thumbnails

A new viewer option has been added that allows thumbnails to be displayed in the signing interface. This option is available when signing a document under More > Viewer Settings.

Setting the Document Thumbnails option to Show will display a thumbnail panel on the left side of the screen.

Default signature size

A new viewer option has been added that lets you customize the maximum size of signatures that are placed on a document. This option is available when signing a document under More > Viewer Settings.

If you find that your signature is generally too small on the documents that you sign, you can increase the width and height which will increase the size of ad-hoc signatures.

NOTE: This option does not apply to signatures that are placed from anchors.

External Signers: Freetext, Custom Date and Shapes

Starting with this release, you will be able to allow external signers to add freetext markups, custom dates and shape markups on envelope documents you are requesting them to sign. By default, these permissions are removed for external signers, and you can update the permissions via the TrueSign Designer:

Note: When adding the external signers via the API, use the RemovePermissions property to send an array of permissions you would like to remove for the signer. If the RemovePermissions property is null, then Freetext, Custom Date and Shapes permissions are removed by default. Please note that an empty array [] for this property means “do not remove any permissions”.


Free Text Annotations

An issue where free text annotations became read-only if the user clicks inside of the text box has been resolved.

General Improvements
  • Special characters are now supported in signature names. 
  • The Envelope Details page will show who created the envelope. 
  • General backend improvements to support future admin reporting and statistics capture. 
  • Minor QR signing UI improvements.
  • Additional details are captured in envelope history (user successfully entered an envelope code, user continued later, user download the envelope, etc). 
  • Guided signing UI improvements.
  • An issue where text searching within a PDF would not find hits other than the first instance has been resolved. 
  • Text Markup no longer loses focus when clicking on a text box that already has focus. 
  • Backend improvements to the business layer.

    API Updates

    Signer Envelope URL

    The signer object will now have an EnvelopeUrl property with the URL of the envelope for that signer. This can be helpful if you want to send your own notifications to envelope signers. 

    Note: Please be aware that TrueSign only supports signing in series (one after the other). 

    Known Issues

    Mobile Annotation Edit Bar

    The Annotation Edit bar, which appears when selecting an annotation, is not present on mobile browsers.

    Have questions about this release?

    If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: