ImageSoft is publishing a new TrueSign release on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Please be advised that the system will be down between 10 AM – 6 PM EST on March 20, 2021.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for.

New Features

TrueSign Templates

TrueSign now offers the ability to pre-design envelopes with pre-defined signers and anchors to serve as Templates. Templates are intended for envelopes that contain documents whose format or content never or rarely changes. It is a way to speed-up envelope creation and submission to the required signers. Templates can be shared across users in the same TrueSign account.

Signer Reminders

Make sure your signers are reminded that they have an envelope that needs their signature. The signer reminder feature allows an envelope designer (or via the API) to schedule automatic reminders for a specific signer. A designer will first choose after how many days to wait, from the day the envelope was sent to the signer, before starting to send these reminders. Then the designer can choose the frequency of these reminders: daily or weekly. The interface will display example dates for when the signer will receive their first reminder – based on the designer’s configuration.

Signer Permissions

You do not want to allow a particular signer to be able to add free text to a document while signing? You want to force a wet-looking signature for a particular signer? No problem! Now an envelope designer can remove specific permissions for each signer. When the signer opens the envelope in TrueSign they will not see the features you removed.

Envelope Options
The TrueSign Designer now includes new envelope options:

  • Show signer list to signers: When enabled, the current signer will see a list of all envelope signers.
  • Send completed envelope to each signer: This option sends a copy of all signed documents to all signers once the envelope has been completed.

Modify Designers

Designers can be set via the TrueSign API, but now owners of an envelope can add additional designers using the Details page of the envelope. An envelope designer is a TrueSign user with access to design a particular envelope which includes the ability to modify signers, modify documents, view details, recall and delete an envelope.


    General Backend Improvements

    This release includes some important back-end improvements, preparing for exciting future enhancements like parallel signing. TrueSign will continue to use the existing URLs; however,  if you are using IP-whitelisting to integrate with TrueSign, please be advised that TrueSign IPs will change and you should implement URL whitelisting instead of IP based rules.

    Word and Tiff File Upload

    When creating an envelope from the TrueSign website, you now can upload Word or Tiff documents, in addition to PDFs. TrueSign will automatically convert Word and Tiff files to PDF and add them to the envelope.

    Delete multiple Envelopes from the Envelope Type details page

    TrueSign administrators can now select multiple envelopes under the Envelope Type details page and delete them at the same time. This should help an admin clean up after testing with a specific Envelope Type.

    Modified Recall Logic

    The envelope recall option has been updated:

    • Corrected issue of seeing signatures of signers after the envelope was recalled. Now you will see the original documents if the envelope is recalled.
    • TrueSign will no longer increase the envelope count when you resend a recalled envelope, unless the new modified envelope you are resending upgrades to a higher tier (from personal to team or from team to public).

    API Updates

    New Envelope Options

    When creating a new envelope via the API, you now have the option to send an envelope Options object:

      "Title": "string",
      "Delivery_Method_Override": 0,
      "Contact": {...},
      "Options": {
        "Send_Completed": true,
        "Show_Signers": true
      "Client_Data": "string",
      "Documents": [...]

    The options are explained in the “Envelope Options” under the “New Features” section.

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