ImageSoft is publishing a new TrueSign release on Thursday, June 16, 2022. Please be advised that the system will be temporarily unavailable from 10:00 PM – 10:15 PM EST on June 16, 2022.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for.

New Features


There are no new features included in this release.


404 on Previously Signed Envelope

If a user navigates to an envelope that has already been signed, they will no longer be taken to the 404 page. Instead, they will be redirected to the envelope complete page where they can download the envelope. 

Retention of Ready to Sign Envelopes

Envelopes that are not completed within the retention period are no longer deleted automatically. Instead, they are automatically rejected and will eventually be deleted based on the retention schedule of completed envelopes. Once automatically rejected, the envelope will be delivered to its final destination just as if the signer had rejected it, with a rejected reason of “Auto-rejected due to account’s Ready to Sign retention policy (#days).”

Switch Account when Signing Envelopes

If a TrueSign user is a member of multiple TrueSign accounts and opens a link to sign an envelope in a different account than the account they are currently logged into, TrueSign will display a message and easily let them switch accounts.

Delete Envelopes From Admin View

Fixed an issue when an admin attempted to delete an envelope from the Envelope Type Details page.

Template Signer Permissions and Reminders

Corrected the issue where signer permissions and signer reminders were not being retained within templates.

Envelope Reminders

Fixed an issue where envelope reminders weren’t being sent under certain circumstances.

TrueSign Feedback

Fixed an issue with the feedback form where the user’s email wasn’t included for external signers if they elected to include their email.

API Updates


There are no API updates included in this release.

Known Issues

Mobile Annotation Edit Bar

The Annotation Edit bar, which appears when selecting an annotation, is not present on mobile browsers.

Unable to Edit Free Text on iPhone

The free text annotations are unable to be edited in iPhone.

Have questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: