ImageSoft is publishing a new TrueSign release on Sunday, July 25th to implement document signing certificates. The system will be down from 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for.

New Features

Document Signing Certificates

The TrueSign team is excited to introduce document signing certificates as the newest TrueSign feature. Starting from this release, an admin can choose if they want documents created under a specific envelope type to be digitally certified once they have been completed by all signers.

What is a TrueSign digitally certified document?

A TrueSign digitally certified document is a document that originates from TrueSign once all the signers have signed your original document. The certificate guarantees that this document has originated from TrueSign and that no changes have been made to it afterward. Visual trust indicators will appear when the document is opened in applications like Adobe Reader (as shown below). 

If the document is altered in any way outside of TrueSign (via Adobe or other editor), then the signature is invalidated and you will see a warning when viewing the document in Adobe. The certificate used to certify the document will never expire and you can always validate the document’s authenticity.

How do I enable this feature in my TrueSign account?

We will enable this feature automatically for all [default] envelope types, but you can disable it by going to Admin View -> Envelope Types -> Select [default] -> Edit -> and unchecking Digitally Certify Documents. The [default] envelope type is used whenever an envelope is created directly from the TrueSign website (unless the user manually changes the envelope type) or when creating envelopes via This means that after this release, envelopes created directly from the TrueSign website will automatically receive a digital signature unless an admin disables this feature. You can also enable this feature for your other envelope types.


Proxy Signing

We are reverting proxy signing changes made in the March 2021 release. We will no longer restrict proxy signatures to appear only on envelopes of the proxy. A TrueSign user will see all of the proxy signatures they have access to in the signature dropdown, no matter what envelope they are signing.

    Send Contact Info
    Added the ability in the envelope designer to send your contact information in the “New Envelope” email that goes out to the signers.
    Envelopes to Sign Count

    We added a badge to the “Envelopes to Sign” tab in the home page that will show how many envelopes are waiting for you to complete.

    Create New Button

    Updated the “Create New” button on the home page to be always visible.

    Envelope Search

    Updated the search field in the “My Envelopes” page to be more visible.

    New Template Name
    Added the ability to name a new template at the creation moment.

    API Updates


    No API changes will be implemented with this release.

    Have questions about this release?

    If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: