ImageSoft is publishing a new TrueSign release on Sunday, February 20, 2022. Please be advised that the system will be temporarily unavailable from 01:00 AM – 01:15 AM EST on February 20, 2022.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for.

New Features

Envelope Summary Certificate

New in this TrueSign release is the Envelope Summary Certificate, a single document summarizing the history of a TrueSign envelope in an easy-to read format. Starting in this release, admins can enable this feature on an envelope type to generate a summary certificate when all signers have completed an envelope, or the envelope has been rejected.

What is in the Envelope Summary Certificate?

Each summary certificate contains much of the information available from the Envelope Details page. It includes the basic details about an envelope and the documents within, as well as the history of both. It also contains details on each signer that signed the envelope and lists the individual markups that each signer added to the documents. With this document, you have a downloadable snapshot of everything that was done with the envelope.

Additionally, the Envelope Summary Certificate is digitally certified in the same way as digitally certified documents. This means that if the summary certificate is altered in any way outside of TrueSign (via Adobe or other editor), then the signature is invalidated, and you will see a warning when viewing the document in Adobe. The certificate used to certify the document will never expire and you can always validate the document’s authenticity.

How do I enable this feature in my TrueSign account?

This feature is not enabled for envelope types by default, but you can enable it by going to Admin View -> Envelope Types -> Select An Envelope Type -> Edit -> and toggle Create Envelope Summary Certificate.

How do I download an Envelope Summary Certificate?

The Envelope Summary Certificate is created once the envelope is completed by all signers (or after the envelope is rejected by a signer) and it will be available to be downloaded from the Envelope Details page for that envelope. The following people can download the Envelope Summary Certificate for an envelope: the envelope creator, envelope designers and account Admins.

The Envelope Summary Certificate URL will also be included in the JSON response if a completed envelope is retrieved via the API, or when the completed envelope is delivered via the configured delivery method.


Envelope Forwarding

Another new feature in this release is Envelope Forwarding. With this feature, you can now forward an envelope you have received to another person, who can sign it instead. Designers can pick whether an envelope may be forwarded in Envelope Options before sending the envelope. Signers can forward an Envelope by simply clicking More in the top bar of the signing interface and select Forward Envelope from the dropdown.

How do I enable this feature in my TrueSign account?

This feature is not enabled for envelope types by default, but you can enable it by going to Admin View -> Envelope Types -> Select An Envelope Type -> Edit -> and toggle Allow Internal Forwarding and/or Allow External Forwarding.

Note: Allow Internal Forwarding only allows internal signers to forward an envelope to another internal signer. Respectively, Allow External Forwarding only allows an external signer to forward the envelope to another external signer.

Re-invite User

Truesign Admins will now be able to re-send an invite to a user that has not logged in to TrueSign yet. The Re-Send Invite button will appear in the Last Login column in the Account Users page in the TrueSign Admin View. Once the button is clicked, TrueSign will send another email to the user with next steps to finish their account creation.


Other Improvements

We have also resolved the following issue:

  • Annotations placed on rotated PDF pages may appear slightly shifted from where they were placed.

API Updates

Envelope Forwarding

The TrueSign API has been updated to allow envelope forwarding. You may now set the value for Allow_Internal_Forwarding and/or Allow_External_Forwarding to true or false.

Note: We will first check if the envelope type is configured to allow internal or external forwarding. If the envelope type does allow forwarding, then we will respect the posted envelope options.


Known Issues

Mobile Annotation Edit Bar

The Annotation Edit bar, which appears when selecting an annotation, is not present on mobile browsers.

Free Text Annotations

Free text annotations become read-only if the user clicks inside of the text box.

Signing Interface Text Search

Searching for text in the signing interface will only highlight the first instance of some words.

Annotation Selection

Annotations can be selected by clicking slightly above them.

Have questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: