Features of TrueSign – Staples of Your Operations

Not-your-fathers-Esigning-platform, TrueSign is blueprinted to solve for both the challenges of wet-ink signing and the new obstacles that often arise from adopting an electronic signature process. Browse the innate features below that create an effortless, intuitive and (dare we say) fun user experience from implementation to one-click sign and submit.

QR Code

Smartphones Turned Signature Pads

Each signer can utilize one of three real-time, mobile signing options: a QR-code, text-to-sign, or email-to-sign. A matter of user preference, each option populates a signing pad onto the user’s smartphone. After signing with their finger or a stylus, signers submit their smartphone signatures and, within seconds, it appears on the e-document’s requested dotted line.

What’s a QR Code?

With the camera app open, point your smartphone at the QR code. A pop-up will asked to be opened, and your phone will turn into a signature pad.


Email-Style Signing

From the email users have registered with TrueSign, a PDF version of a document can be emailed to Sign@TrueSign.com. TrueSign then sends the user a follow-up email asking if they would like to “sign” or “design” the document. Click “sign” to be taken into your TrueSign account and simply apply your own electronic signature. To send to additional signers or modify the document with anchors, date lines, etc., click into “design.”

Document Templates Library

Every type of various signing form, both internal and external, is templated for eSigning only once before its saved and housed in a drop-down library for future use. Whenever needed, the template can be selected, modified if necessary, and securely emailed on to requested signers. This also works in reverse so, if a TrueSign user receives a templated document, that template is also remembered.

Internal & External Signing

TrueSign is not exclusive to TrueSign-only users and is ideal when trading off between other TrueSign-registered users (such as staff) and external vendors, customers, constituents, etc. Whether registered or not, TrueSign consistently provides easy use, innate security measures and variety of mobile and real-time signing options.

Free Trial

TrueSign features hold “true” to their word, but we want you to be certain. Everyone is eligible for a free trial, which we can have stood up for you in no time at all.