ImageSoft is excited to announce a new TrueSign release is coming on Saturday, December 12. Please be advised that the system will be down between 10 AM and 11 AM EST on December 12.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for. However, if you desire to use some of the features mentioned below, please lookout for an email in the future from us.

New Features

Guided signing

TrueSign is now able to guide signers through anchors while they are signing a document. External signers will be prompted to start guided signing as soon as they accept the consent message. Internal signers can click the “Guide me” button on top of the anchors section.

Page tours

The TrueSign Designer, Internal, and External viewer now have a “Tour” button. When clicked, TrueSign will take the signer through a tour around the page they are in, informing them on how to use controls on that page.

Internal user reminder
Internal users can now set up a schedule to be reminded of envelopes waiting in TrueSign for them to sign. To set up the reminder, a user can go to their profile page and under preferences, choose a schedule: daily or weekly reminders. Once the schedule has been saved, the user will receive an email with a list of all envelopes that are waiting for them to sign. If the user has no envelopes, then TrueSign will not send an email.


Alert user on locked PDFs

Some PDFs , depending on where they come from, might be locked (either via a password or a certificate). If these PDFs are uploaded to TrueSign, TrueSign will be unable to allow you to sign them. Therefore, TrueSign now will display a message informing the user in the Designer, Internal, and External viewer that the PDF is locked and cannot be modified using TrueSign.

API Updates


No API updates have been included in this release.

Have questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: