ImageSoft is excited to announce a new TrueSign release is coming at the end of August 2020. During the weekend of August 29-30, we will be performing this release and taking the system down for this period of time.

Breaking Changes


No breaking API changes will be implemented with this release. Your current scripts/integrations will be fully functional for the features they were built for. However, if you desire to use some of the features mentioned below, please lookout for an email in the future from us.

New Features

Upload and create envelopes from the TrueSign app

Users who have been invited to TrueSign have now the ability to upload documents and create new envelopes right from the TrueSign application interface. No need for an integration application, just click the (+) button on the TrueSign home page.  The user will be able to upload PDF documents and either sign the envelope themselves or design it for other signers. The completed envelope will be delivered directly to the user who created it. This process relies on the [default] system envelope type, created at the same time when your account was created. If you wish for a user to not be able to use this feature, please remove the “Can Create” privilege for that user on all Envelope Types created in your system. If you are licensed for external signing and the envelope type has been configured for external signing, the end user will be able to send envelopes to external signers.

TrueSign envelope Designer

Regardless of how your envelopes are created (TrueSign, OnBase, SharePoint, et al), you can now design them in the TrueSign application. The TrueSign Designer allows specific users the ability to modify the document list for the envelope by adding new documents or removing existing ones; adding or removing internal/external signers; and the ability to draw anchors (sign here, initial here, date here and check mark here) for each signer on each document.

Multiple envelope signers

This release allows you to create an envelope and add multiple required signers to it. The signers can be a mix between internal and external signers. The TrueSign workflow will deliver the envelope to each signer in series, one after another, starting with the first signer. Once the last signer has completed the envelope, TrueSign will deliver the completed envelope based on the selected delivery method for the envelope type it was created under. If any of the signers rejects the envelope, TrueSign immediately returns the rejected envelope via the envelope type delivery method.

Email to sign (

TrueSign now has the ability to quickly create new envelopes based on emails sent to Any registered user, with “Can Create” privileges on the [default] Envelope Type, can send an email to to create a new envelope (the from email address must match their TrueSign/ImageSoft Identity account email address). The PDF attachments on the email will be automatically added to a new envelope and the email subject will be the envelope’s title. TrueSign will add the sender as a required signer and will automatically send back an email with links to either sign the document(s) or open the Designer to design it for others to sign.

Demo option for Envelope Types

You can now mark an Envelope Type as “Demo”. This will allow you to use the Envelope Type for testing purposes, without tapping into your external envelope counts. Envelopes created under Envelope Types with the “Demo” switch enabled with have a “TrueSign DEMO” watermark applied to each page of the documents in the envelope. 

Note: As part of this upgrade, all existing Envelope Types configured in your system will have Demo mode set to false.

Envelope Type permissions

The Envelope Type object has been modified to support user permissions. You can now decide, as an admin, if you want a specific user to have the ability to create envelopes of that type (from the TrueSign app) and/or if the user can assign proxy signers for envelopes of that type. 

TrueSign support page

A new TrueSign support page has been published to help external users and organization admins with technical issues. Please note that any questions regarding the documents contained in the envelope will be directed to the organization who created the envelope. The new support page is located at:

TrueSign release page

A new page has been created in the site where ImageSoft will post all TrueSign releases. You must subscribe to receive an email every time a new release is about to launch. The new release page is located at:


Home page updates

The TrueSign home page has been updated with a tabulated panel. The following tabs are available for a registered user:

  • Envelopes to Sign: this table will contain all envelopes that are ready to sign and require the current user’s signature.
  • Proxy Envelopes: this table contains all envelopes that are ready to sign and require another user’s signature, but you are listed as a proxy signer for that user.
  • My Envelopes: this table contains all envelopes that are in a Created or Ready to Sign status and have either been created by you or you are a designer for it. To see the Completed envelopes created by you, toggle the “Show all” switch in this tab.
Signing interface

The TrueSign signing interface (internal & external) has been simplified. The side panel now has: a clear section regarding actions a user can take on an envelope (continue later, complete, reject); a table listing all the anchors a signer is required (or not) to complete; and a table containing other markups the user makes to the active document (stamps, date, other signatures, et al). For each markup added to the document, via an anchor or free form, a location pin is added to the table to help the user locate it later.

The signature creation, while in the signing interface, has also been simplified and improved. With the new “typed” signature option a signer can adopt a signature based off the spelling of their name, allowing a required signer to complete an envelope in seconds.

Envelope details page

Admins and creators of envelopes now have access to an envelope details page. This page gives them details on the documents, history, and signers of the envelope, it also allows them to delete, recall, download files and the JSON content of the envelope itself.

Admin view updates

Some of the TrueSign admin views have been updated to make the initial loading time faster. You will now notice more collapsible panels that once opened, will retrieve the desired data – instead of querying for everything on page load.

API Updates

Anchor signing

The TrueSign API has been updated to accept anchor objects in the parent signer object. A signer object now can have an array of anchor objects. An anchor object has the following fields:


“Id”: Guid – system assigned,

“Doc_Id”: Guid – the TrueSign ID of the document the anchor belongs to,

“X”: double – the X (horizontal) location in points *, starting from the top-left corner,

“Y”: double – the Y (vertical) location in points, starting from the top-left corner,

“Width”: double – the of the anchor in points,

“Height”: double – the height of the anchor in points,

“Page”: integer – the page number, with 1 being the first page, where the anchor is located,

“Type”: Enum {SignHere = 0, InitialHere = 1, DateHere = 2, CheckmarkHere = 3} – the anchor type,

“Required”: boolean – if the required signer must complete the anchor or not,

“Client_Data”: string – any data you would like to save for this anchor to use once it arrives back in your system.


*A point (pt), or point size, is a unit of measurement used in lettering. There is a total of approximately 72 (72.272) points in one inch.

Set envelope designers

With the introduction of the TrueSign Designer, we have added an endpoint to the TrueSign API that allows you to set a list of emails as the designers for a particular envelope. The email addresses must be of registered TrueSign users in your account. These users will be able to design the envelope in the TrueSign application and send it to the required signers. This is a perfect solution when dealing with complex envelopes from an integrated system (such as OnBase) via the API 1) create the envelope, 2) add documents, 3) add signers, 4) add designers and then let the user/designer open the envelope in the new TrueSign Designer to complete by drawing anchors and sending the envelope. Checkout the Swagger section for this endpoint.

Set envelope creator

With the other changes to the TrueSign interface, you might want to give a particular user full access to an envelope created from your integration system. To do so, you can now call the Set Creator endpoint of the TrueSign API with the email address of a TrueSign user. This user will have the ability to delete, recall and design an envelope. Checkout the Swagger section for this endpoint.

Have questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to our support team: