Real-Time eSigning Collaboration for Today’s Remote Work


Waiting in line at the store? How about picking up your kids from school? Use these spare minutes to get ahead of your signature work. Compatible with mobile devices and mapped with “sign here” flags, users don’t have to scroll through numerous, condensed screens to find the dotted line — simply stamp your eSignature in the pre-posted areas. And, depending on how much time you have, mobile users can continue configuring the document with stamps, shapes, redactions and more.

Yes, all this from your mobile device.

Code-Light Integrations

Need some additional support? Code-light integrations mean your TrueSign app is only a couple hours away from all the functionality you need, right at your fingertips.  

Auditable Accountability

A little ad hoc signing never hurt anyone, especially when the time of endorsement, titles and other identifiers are attached to signatures. Full audit trails support compliance efforts and safeguard proxy signing.  

True Signature Customization Meets Your True Needs

Everyone’s wet-inked signature is uniquely their own, so why should your electronic signing platform be any less distinctive?

Signing an offer letter for your new job surely won’t require as much as authorizing a court order, and both instances vary greatly from signing a business deal. Some signatures require sub-context, such as titles or identification numbers, while others are simply a name. An application might need users to check boxes and initial in addition to signing, and some users might want to read the fine print instead of jumping straight to their signature checkpoints – or vice versa.

TrueSign is developed from the real needs of document builders, such as human resources personnel, Clerks, legal teams and business entities, as well as the signers, be they Judges, defendants, staff, CEOs or parties external to your organization. Founded on standard, core capabilities like the ones below, TrueSign guarantees its users compliance and mobile flexibility while also providing user options for intuitive customization that meets the needs of all your individual use case scenarios and signers.


Since working remotely, Scott has gotten pummeled with contracts and agreements to sign. Pre-pandemic, staff used to just drop paperwork in his office inbox – now it’s all overwhelming his email. Maybe you can relate?

With limited time before Scott’s next meeting, Vince quickly demonstrates TrueSign, live in action, managing business agreements. 

TrueSign’s Cloud hosted environment means users don’t need any pre-existing integrations with OnBase or other systems. Serving as a secure, centralized signing hub, TrueSign also allows staff to upload all documents in one place – keeping the team organized and updated on deadlines. It’s like having a tangible inbox, only better.

As you’ll see, TrueSign’s simple QR Code signing capability makes it ideal when working in Zoom meetings or remotely with a team. External parties use their phone or tablet to scan the QR Code on the shared screen, use that mobile device as a signing pad, and their real-time signature is applied to the on-screen document. Of course, all document interactions are tracked and audited in TrueSign’s history – an ideal security plan in case of any disputes.

After this fluid demonstration, we agree with Scott – Vince certainly deserves that raise.

eSign Like Nobody’s Business: The “Signature” Solution for Commercial Documents

What’s a Fax? TrueSign for HR and Seamless Onboarding

With her signed offer letter in hand, Lisa hit a wall: how would she return all signed onboarding paperwork back to human resources? She knew she was in trouble when her mom laughed at her for asking where the fax machine was.

Thankfully, the remote-friendly capabilities of TrueSign are no joke!

From TrueSign’s dashboard, Human Resource personnel can launch individualized onboarding processes and upload all the documents an employee or new hire needs to sign. From the designer view, HR customizes the external signer field with staff’s name, email address and signer type (internal or external). Optional access codes are available to provide extra security, ensuring that only the right eyes see the personal information exchanged. Drag-and-drop signature anchors validate which, if any, boxes should be prepared for a signature, initial, date, checkmark or textbox. When ready, sharing the prepared documents is as easy as clicking “Send to Sign,” which triggers TrueSign to send a link to the recipient.

As you’ll see, TrueSign walks external singers through their signing options. Users can customize signature stamps, or manually sign with their finger, mouse, stylus or a QR code that turns their smartphone into a signature pad.

To quote Leanne, “Wow! This is a technical miracle for HR – I can use it for so much!”

Judge Rose, Extraordinaire, is facing every Judge’s age-old problem: trying to leave his chambers for the day while being chained to his desk by a stack of orders that need his signature ASAP.

Clerk Terry, knowing these frustrating moments are a dime a dozen with virtual courts now in session, recently implemented TrueSign throughout their court. Hosted in the highly secure, Microsoft Azure Cloud, TrueSign allows the Judge to stay compliant while signing all his/her orders from the chambers, his home or even while at lunch.

TrueSign’s “sign here” and “date” anchors are click-to-add and mapped along the side of the electronic document. Once all anchors are placed, the Clerk emails the respective TrueSign link to the Judge. Newly prepared orders immediately appear at the top of the Judge’s dashboard. With his document on screen, the Judge

At each signature checkpoint, the Judge simply clicks the “sign here” or “date here” box, and his/her custom, pre-set signature, or the current date, is applied. Once all the anchors are completed, TrueSign automatically emails the completed documents back to the Clerk, who can review the signed orders in a secure PDF format.

In the spirit of Judge Rose, the simplistic capabilities are truly something to run home and tell your spouse about, which is made possible by TrueSign’s anywhere, anytime mobility.


TrueSign is in Session: The Court Case

Ready to get started?

While it would be impossible for us to produce short films for every use case scenario, rest assured that TrueSign scales to meet your individual business needs even if we didn’t cast it in a starring role above.

For questions about capabilities, coupling TrueSign with a digital workflow (such as OnBase) or just to learn more, please reach out to us through the “contact us” eForm or sending a friendly chat through the gray button to the right of your screen – the real people are on the other side look forward to working with you!